Exchange Meeting       BEXCOㆍBUSANㆍKOREA October 31-November 2, 2019
Article 1. Definition of Terms

1.“ Exhibitor”shall mean a firm, a cooperative or an organization which have submitted the application form for participation in the Exhibition.
2.“ Exhibition”shall mean The Busan Intenational Shoe Show (BISS 2019)
3.“ The Manager”shall mean FIPC.

Article 2 Allocation of Exhibit Space

The Manager shall allocate the space in accordance with the nature of the exhibit or in the manner the Manager deems fit. The Manager shall reserve the right to change the space allocated to the Exhibitor at any time prior to the commencement of the build-up of the exhibition should the circumstances require changes. Such changes shall be at the discretion of the Manager. The Exhibitor shall not claim for compensation as a result of the changes.

Article 3 Application and Payment Procedures

An application shall be submitted to BISS TF Team at Busan, Korea, together with a copy of the bank transfer slip or check for the initial payment at deposit, 50% of the total of the participation fee. Balance amount of the Participation Fee shall be paid not later than. Aug. 31(Fri), 2012. Exhibition Booths will be allocated based on the criteria mentioned in Article 2 and the applications submitted before the deadline for such submittal.

Aricle 4 Participation Fee

Basic Participation Fee shall be US$1,000 per individual booth and US$1,500 per prefabricated booth.

Aricle 5 Details of Participation Fee

The Participation Fee includes around-the-clock provision of security guard outside and cleaning of the Exhibition Pavilion. PR and provision of the Exhibition directory.

Aricle 6 Installation and Removal

Installation and removal of the Exhibition facilities shall be completed within the stipulated period. The Exhibitor shall pay the Manager for any loss incurred due to delay in installation or removal or any damage to the Exhibition Pavilion made by him/her.

Aricle 7 Provision of Information to manager

The Exhibitor shall provide the Manager with information on the items on display and details of work of installation for Exhibition so that the Manager may be assured that all the equipment and things in Exhibition booths are in accordance with regulations, and the Exhibitor shall also provide information necessary for the planned advertisement of BISS 2012 by the Manager.

Aricle 8 Management of Exhibition Booth

The Exhibitor shall display such items as he/she informed the Manager as mentioned in the foregoing Article 7 in his/her booth and have a representative(s) present there. Activities of the Exhibitor shall not go beyond the exhibition booth. The Manager may put necessary restrictions if the items on display are not in accordance with the nature of the exhibition.

Article 9 Insurance, Security and Safety

The Exhibitor shall insure all items of necessary equipment and items on display as required for the entire period of installation, duration of exhibition and removal. The Manager will provide for necessary security measure on behalf of exhibition parties and visitors to the exhibition, but ultimate responsibility for protection of all the items on display shall rest with the Exhibitor. All devices used for exhibition such as electric lighting fixtures etc, shall be properly treated for fireresistance as per relevant fire-fighting or safety regulations, and the Manager may put restriction on installation, etc, if necessary for such.

Article 10 Selling of Items on Display

Exhibitor shall in no event sell an item on display, as the purpose of the Exhibition is to show it and its related equipment or services to those interested, provided that sales activities at special sales booths separately set by the Manager are an exception to what is a forementioned in this Article, and in such a case the Exhibitor shall pay tax etc, concening such sales activities at a special sales booth.

Article 11 Insurance against Risk

The Exhibitor shall take all the necessary pre-cautions against theft of, or damage to, the items on display or personal injury including necessary insurance against risk, and the Manager will in no event be responsible for compensation for anything caused by the Exhibitor’s failure to take such precautionary measures including insurance.

Article 12 Cancellation of Participation

The Manager may unilaterally cancel the participation of a party who has refused to use the part of the whole of the exhibition booth as allocated or failed to pay the Participation fee within the stipulated period. In such a case the Manager will not return any money already paid by the party if any.

Article 13 Changes of Date or Place of Exhibition

The Exhibitor cannot ask for compensation of any kind concening changes of the place or the date of opening of the exhibition due to inevitable reasons.

Article 14 Supplementary Regulation

The Manager may establish supplementary regulations other than these terms and conditions for exhibiting, and the Exhibitor shall also observe them. The Exhibitor shall also observe various regulations of Footwear Industrial Promotion Center.

Article 15 Settlement of Disputes

Any dispute that might occur between the Manager and the Exhibitor concening interpretation of this Terms and Conditions for Exhibiting or mutual right and obligation shall follow the ruling of the Korean Commerce Arbitration Board located in Busan and its ruling is final and thus the matter may not be brought to court.
01. Company Information
Company Name President
Business condition
Person in Charge Types of Services
E-mail T E L
Exhibition Items
02. Description Applicant
Classification Requirements Unit Price Charge(US$)
Shell Scheme (9㎡) Booth(s) US$1,500/Booth $
Space only (9㎡) Booth(s) US$1,000/Booth $
Electricity ShowTime (9~17) Single Phase220V(60HZ) Kw US$40/KW $
Three Phase220V(60HZ) Kw $
Three Phase380V(60HZ) Kw $
Per 24hours Single Phase220V(60HZ) Kw US$60/KW $
Three Phase220V(60HZ) Kw $
Three Phase380V(60HZ) Kw $
Telephone(Local calls only) EA US$60/EA $
Water & Drainage EA US$150/EA $
Compressed Air EA US$150/EA $
Lan Cable Port US$100/PORT We $
03. Bank Information
Swift Code PUSBKR2P
Bank info Bank : Pusan Bank
Beneficiary : FIPC(Footwear Industrial Promotion Center)
Account No : 113-2011-3391-07
* Required to deposit in its company name.
04. Quiry
14-55, 382-Ro, Noksan Industrial Complex, Kangseo-Gu, Busan, Korea (Zip Code : 46757)

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