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Ghiwell introduced its "Foot pressure analysis system" in BEXCO Exhibition Hall 1, at the BISS 2018 which held place from October 4 to 6.

As a global leader in providing customers with integrated foot, posture, body and health solutions, Ghiwell researches, develops, and produces products and solutions for analyzing foot pressure and posture as well as musculoskeletal-related products. It also strives to innovate through technological advancement and increased customer value.

The foot pressure analysis system that was introduced at the event has the following functions: 1) Static plantar foot pressure analysis; 2) Dynamic plantar foot pressure analysis; 3) 2D/3D foot pressure analysis; 4) Camera recording; 5) Convenient movement program.

A personnel from Ghiwell said, "If you have pain in your ankle, knee, waist, or shoulder, or if you are not in the correct position to walk, you are invited to participate in the system." "We can recommend a customized insole according to the foot shape and posture," he said.

The 'BISS 2018' which was held in Busan, the center of the traditional shoe industry, is the only shoe exhibition in the nation, and one can see high-quality, functional shoes, raw materials, and shoe machines here. This exhibition has prepared various events such as the shoe brand fashion show, shoe biomechanics experience, and others, and offers a new vision for the footwear industry.

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