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G.G. Korea participated in 'BISS 2018' held at Exhibition Hall 1 of the BEXCO main building for 3 days between October 4th(Thurs) to October 6th(Sat), and showcased their healthy footwear brand, Footzen, which supplements flat feet and maintains healthy feet arches.

G.G. Korea launched the Footzen brand in order to design a healthier and more prosperous life for customers. Footzen was successful in developing technology which properly aligns one's spine to maintain proper posture, and has produced shoes which supplement the shortcomings of having flat feet, which are produced and sold to and in stores all around Korea.

The shoe displayed in this exhibition by Footzen uses the attached distortion prevention shank to support the foot arch to help with balancing the body, and prevents foot slippage. It also uses high-quality magnets to use its field of magnetism to improve blood circulation, and uses the repulsive nature of magnets with the same polar alignment for the added benefit of maintaining foot arch form. Additionally, the air balloon at the bottom sole of the shoes reduce the weight to be supported by the feet, and act as an ideal cushion to provide comfort and add rigidity to the shoe.


A G.G. Korea spokesman has said, "We have participated in this exhibition to introduce overseas buyers to Footzen", and continued on to say, "We had a meaningful time meeting various overseas buyers."

They went on to say, "We are hoping to enter the US", and said, "We believe the Footzen product, which redistributes the body's weight to reduce the load on the spine and knees, will receive a positive response in the US market, where obesity is increasing," explaining the company's reason for wanting to expand into the US.

Most of Footzen's current products were designed targeting people over 50, but their latest release of sneakers was successful in lowering the targeted age of consumers.

The 'BISS 2018' which was held in Busan, the center of the traditional shoe industry, is the only shoe exhibition in the nation, and one can see high-quality, functional shoes, raw materials, and shoe machines here. This exhibition has prepared various events such as the shoe brand fashion show, shoe biomechanics experience, and others, and offers a new vision for the footwear industry.

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