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Social Cooperative Shoe Making Scene participated in 'BISS 2018' held at Exhibition Hall 1 of the BEXCO main building for 3 days between October 4th(Thurs) to October 6th(Sat), and introduced the custom shoe brand, 'AGIO'.

Social Cooperative Shoe Making Scene uses voluntary union activity to improve disabled welfare and creation and sharing of positive value. The superior concentration and finer hand coordination of the hearing impaired are utilized, and suitable job training is provided.


The handmade brand, 'AGIO' introduced in this exhibition, was born with the goal of creating jobs for the hearing impaired, and also to produce high-quality, custom, handmade shoes. It is currently being sold actively offline, and in this past September, they even sold various kinds of handmade shoes at the National Assembly.

AGIO employee Choi Hongil said, "If we focused on men's shoes up until now, we now currently also offer comfortable custom shoes for women as well".

The 'BISS 2018' which was held in Busan, the center of the traditional shoe industry, is the only shoe exhibition in the nation, and one can see high-quality, functional shoes, raw materials, and shoe machines here. This exhibition has prepared various events such as the shoe brand fashion show, shoe biomechanics experience, and others, and offers a new vision for the footwear industry.

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