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The Successful Closing of '2016 Busan International Footwear Exhibitio…

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The Busan International Shoe Show 2016 (BISS 2016), which was held from November 3 to 5 (Saturday) in Busan, the center of the shoe industry, was successfully closed.

Busan International Footwear Exhibition that solely focuses on shoe industry, was held by Busan Metropolitan City and was organized by the Footwear Industry Promotion Center.Not only domestic footwear companies, but also foreign companies from other countries such as China, Japan, France, Hong Kong have participated in the exhibition, and more than 160 companies participated in 350 booths.


103 invited buyers from US, UK, Canada, France, China and Japan, attended the fair, and exporting conference was arranged successfully with 95 companies. It was held at the buyers' counseling room in the exhibition hall and they discussed the export of complete products and shoe raw materials. Thanks to this, it achieved $ 1.96 million of money, 894cases of purchase counseling, $ 470,000, and 230 cases of contracts achievements.

It held a variety of supporting events and achieved more value than the exhibition. While the '2016 Pan- Korea shoe people contest' was attended by more than 190 people including representatives of shoe companies in the event, it held global networking and lectures on foreign business for shoe industry related people. Also, the products that have won awards for five categories and International Advanced Shoe Function Competition awards ceremony were exhibited.

Not only that, 'Shoe Distribution MD Meeting Center', 'Shoe Design Fair 2016' were held to organize meeting between large-scale department store and on off-line distribution MD, and participating companies. Also, product show of companies opened in 'Creative Economy Shoes Plus editing shop, vital dynamic shoes evaluation experience zone, Korea shoes design contest exhibit, and shoe brand open market were prepared.

Moreover, a special documentary 'Korean shoe industry history' with the topic of future growth strategy and history of Korean shoe industry, was broadcasted on SBS and KNN channel. The Busan International Footwear Exhibition was the time to look back the Korean shoe industry, and look forward to the development of Korean footwear industry.






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