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[BISS 2014] Nanotech Ceramics Assure Its Brand Value

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Nanotech Ceramics Co.( showcased its high-functioning products of the world's best technology at Busan International Shoe Show(BISS) 2014 at BEXCO Exhibition Center on September 25th to 27th.

STICO is a domestic brand focusing on creating values of the global brand. Specifically, STICO Outsole Anti-Slip Resistance Level and outsoles for popular outdoor brands are one of STICO's achievements. As the company produces and supplies such products, they strive to advance into the world market.

A word from the staff is, "STICO charges forward with our achievements of both domestic and international patents, and we strive to jump out of our comfort zone of our exclusive technologies and to prepare for future."

Under the theme "Fun&Business," BISS 2014 was hosted by Busan Metropolitan City and organized by Footwear Industrial Promotion Center. The show invited 120 companies that filled up 260 booths.














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